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Sunday, January 15, 2012

How do you do that?

That's something I hear fairly often when I talk about my shopping budget. I usually spend about $80-100 every two weeks on a big shop. Then we will likely spend another $20 on extras during the two weeks for things like milk, or buns or a forgotten item for dinner. Lately we've been in a little rut. Working a few hours every week, two kids at home, pre-school, crawling, ballet and all the other things we do during the week make for a tight schedule.

Food and money and taste and time are all things that drive me crazy on a daily basis. Making healthy meals that don't take forever, taste good, and not break the bank. So when a dear friend said that she was going to try to have a different meal every day for a month. That sounded like an awesome challenge!

I'd love you give you the opportunity to follow along. I'll post recipes, and shopping tips.

We have our meal plan set for the next two weeks, I'll post the recipes with a rating as we go.

Today: Traditional rump roast ($8.59) Scalloped potatoes ($1.49) and Broccoli ($1.50)

Monday: Jambalaya
Tuesday: Quick Fry steak with mashed potatoes and corn
Wednesday: Fish Tacos with mango corn salsa
Thursday: Curry chicken with rice and peas
Friday: Chicken Fajitas with Fries Supreme

Since this is my first blog in a while, I feel like starting it off with a little fun.

Here's a picture of my Sunday shop for 2 weeks.
The person who comes the closest to the price I paid for all the items will win a little something.
Here's a little tip: I spent more on this shop than I usually do.

Eggs (18)
Quick Fry steak (2)
Medium Ground Beef (2)
Bon in skin on Chicken breast (pack of 5)
Chicken thighs (pack of 11)
Pork Shoulder
Bananas (4)
Oranges (4)
Green Pepper
Yogurt Tubes
Alphabits Cereal
Pasta Sauce (4)
Diced Tomatoes (2)
Large Fajitas
Small Fajitas
French Fries
Coleslaw mix
Sour Cream
Whipped topping
Mac & Cheese (2)
Cheesestrings (pack of 16)
Whipping cream
Canned corn (2)
Tropicana Juice (1.63)
1% milk
Old cheddar Cheese (500g)
Mozzarella Cheese (500g)
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Nibs (2)

ETA: I shop at Food Basics.

Really me,
Glad to be back


  1. hhmm... I'll say $125.

    It looks great Nik! I look forward to reading the reviews.

  2. $137
    Amazing haul, can't wait to read your reviews on the meals!