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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fajitas and 'Fries Supreme'

Last week went really well as far as the meal plan was concerned. I ended up cooking on Friday after all because Demi's audition went kind of long, and Jordyn was frustrated and had had enough by the end of the drive home, I decided it was best to turn down my parent's dinner invitation and stay home so I could put her to bed.

Here's what you can throw together in 30 mins.

Mmmm 'Fries Supreme'

All it takes is cheddar cheese soup with a splash of hot sauce, some sour cream, and some browned ground beef with some taco seasoning. K added some salsa on top. Delicious.

This is not a particularly healthy meal, but in comparison to eating out, this might save you some calories. We give this meal 6.5 stars. Low marks for lack of nutrition, but it was tasty, fairly quick to make and it hits the spot when you're looking for take out.

Really me,
Taco Bellist

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