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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick Fry Steak and Fish Tacos

There wasn't much to report on Tuesday. Quick fry steak is kind of a family thing. My grandmother used to make it every Monday. Unlike me, she likes the same thing every week. Week after week.

The premise is simple. First you need a think steak... pound it out some more. Heat a frying pan, toss in a bunch of butter to brown. When the butter is on the verge of burning, throw in the steaks and cook for a few minutes on each side. Serve with mashed potatoes and corn (or veggie of choice) and pour the brown butter over the potatoes. Really not the healthiest meal out there. lol

We give it a 5. It's quick, easy, you got your protein, sta and veg (or starch again. lol) And it's tasty.

Fish Tacos with Mango Corn salsa.

Now here's a dish that you can feel good serving to your family. The recipe is based on the two recipes above. I have edited them to our taste.

For one, I cut my basa into strips, dipped in milk and dredged in bread crumbs, then cook them in a pan with a bit of butter. I felt it was a bit healthier of a choice. Because we have two little ones, I omitted the jalapeno peppers in the white sauce. I used 1 part mayo, 1 part greek yogurt (yum!) lime juice, cumin and oregano. Let it mingle for at least an hour, overnight if you can.

As for the salsa... we live in Canada, there is no fresh corn. I used 1/2 can of corn, 1 mango, a hand full of cilantro, squeeze of lime and lemon, and canned diced tomatoes (again because we live in Canada, and I refuse to buy 'fresh' tomatoes from Mexico.), salt and pepper.

The recipe calls for corn tortillas. I tried to use the corn, I really tried to like the corn. I even tried extra hard to like it because it has half the calories as the regular tortillas, so I could have twice as many! But I just do not like corn tortillas. Maybe the ones I bought were old and stale? Or maybe corn tortillas just normally taste old and stale? Whatever the case, I will forever more serve them on flour tortillas. Oh, and K says it's even better with some hot sauce added.

This dish gets a 9 star. It really is a fantastic dinner, and it's kid and baby approved in my house. I barely heard Demi utter a peep, which is rare. She just munched down her little taco.


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