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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carnivore Fish

Remember I told you that we had a carnivore fish. Here.
Let me tell you the story. We fell for the whole 'fish are easy to take care of' thing. Demi seemed to love fish, so we caved, bought the tank, and bought two fish. Well it was tank cleaning time, and I asked K to do it this time around. We used some bleach to get all the algae off, I told him to rinse everything really well. In go the fish after a few hours. When we come downstairs the following morning, Demi runs to the fish tank to feed her favorite new pet... I have to explain that the fish are now albino, and they are very tired, that's why they're just sitting on the bottom. Great job daddy!

Luckily Demi either believed my story, or really didn't like the fish that much in the first place. I clean the tank and bid a sailor's goodbye to the fish, off to PJ's we go. This time we decided we would get some cute fish. We got a Gupy, which Demi dubbed the ballerina fish, a neon and an algae cleaner. When we got home we noticed a little tiny 4th fish in the bag. Nobody had noticed, including us. It was the size of a minute, Nanna would say. Whatever the heck that means. It was tiny and cute and stripy, so we decided we would keep it.

Well this tiny fish grew. It grew fast. We often noticed it chasing the other fish around. "Aww it's so cute and feisty!" Right up until Ballerina fish went missing.

We came down stairs one morning, turned the fish tank light on as usual, fed the fish. But Ballerina fish was nowhere to be seen. We thought maybe it was hiding in the rocks. After a day of not seeing it, we thought maybe it died and checked the tank for it's body. No luck. Then we thought maybe it jumped out of the tank and the dog ate it. K talked me out of that one pretty quickly. It would be quite the feat for that fish to jump out of the little food hole, and then if it did that, to have the dog eat it.

I checked the tank every day, and every day that not so tiny fish would swim up to the side of the tank and challenge me. It would even hit it's little head up against the glass like "What lady! I ain't scared of you!"

That's when we knew what really happened to Ballerina fish.

Really me,
Baracuda owner

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