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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I like baseball games

My dad plays baseball on Mondays. Last Monday Demi and I were out, so we decided we would go catch some of Gampa's baseball game. Off we got to the park.

Now you know that I'm 29... how the heck did that happen? It's been a long time since I was honked at, whistled at, cat called or been anonymously grabbed on public transit. That was back in the day when I looked like this....

Once on our way home from school my friend and I nearly caused an accident cause we were just that hot wearing our kilts and tank tops. That was a regular occurrence. I mean really, look at that tan! .... But I digress.

What was I saying? Ah yes, this park has 2 diamonds, we were at the wrong one. We walked up to the benches as I scanned the field, Demi in tow. All the guys on the bench turned and looked at us... several times. Now of course there were no cat calls, but I attribute that to the fact that these men were far too well behaved to make the cartoon style wolf calls that were obviously brewing in their heads in front of my 'younger sister'.

Eventually I asked one of the guys if there was another diamond around. All the other guys of course were jealous that he got to speak to me. He directed us to the other diamond... and they all watched me walk away.

I think we'll have to go to more of Gampa's baseball games and get the wrong field. ;)

Really me,
yup, I've still got it

Ok, ok, K keeps asking me if I'm going to tell you how old these guys were. They were 50 ok, it was an over 50 baseball league!!! There, I said it! You happy now!! lol

Oh, excuse me, correction... my dad would like to point out that it is over 45, not 50. Thanks dad, that makes it a lot better!

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