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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nik is Back!!

It's been a long time. Pregnancy is not kind to me. The morning sickness that lasts all day for several months. Aches and pains. And that doesn't even include the labor. 24+ hours of labor, then my Midwife tells me I can't count that. It was prodromal labor. Well guess what lady, I don't care what your medical book says, that was labor in my book! Finally they decided to break my water, not two hours later, and my precious baby girl comes flying out... I kid you not.

We were attempting for a home birth. It wasn't my first choice. My first choice would have been a birth center, but they aren't available in Canada as of yet. I didn't want to be in a hospital. hospitals are for sick people. But hospitals also have the drugs!! I like drugs. I especially like the gas. The gas is my friend! I attempted to smuggle the gas out of the hospital so I could enjoy at my leisure... oh say during sleep training. I'm just saying.

So the birth wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but the end result was a beautiful baby girl. Apparently once they gave me the little push, my body was ready to get the baby out! I went from 5cms to 10cms in 1 contraction. "Don't push" yelled the midwife. Are you kidding me?! That's like telling yourself not to throw up! Next to impossible. I was able to hold off just long enough for them to get gloves and whatnot ready. "Baby Jordyn" (think Third and Bird) arrived after only one push, drug free!

So now this is life with two girls a husband, a dog and carnivore fish. K is back to work, so it's me, the two girls and the dog. With the help of my mommy friends I'm figuring this all out. I'll be coming back with more shopping tips, meal plans, quick recipes, kid crafts, crazy mommy thoughts and lots lots more.

Without further ado... Baby Jordyn

Really me,
Mom of Two

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