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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lawn work is not house work

After all this rain we got, our grass was crazy long, not to mention the dandelions were about as tall as I am. I got lucky on Friday, Jordyn fell asleep in the morning and Demi was quite happy chilling on the couch with a little bit of a runny nose. So I had a chance to mow the lawn.

First of all, starting the lawn mower is no fun. You have to pull that damn string until your arm falls off before the motor finally catches. Then the mower blows nasty smoke in your face, and shoots out old dry grass clippings that impale themselves into your newly shaven legs.

Mower going, I attack the front lawn. When I say attack, I really mean attack. After watching some other people cut the grass this weekend, I realize that I do it all wrong. I cut the grass like I vacuum. Instead of trying to explain myself I drew you a diagram.

You see, this is how my husband (and most others) cut the grass.

See nice straight lines, up then down.

This however, is how I cut the grass.

Back and forth,and back and forth, aiming for the pieces I missed on the last pass.

This is probably the reason that my lawn now has a mohawk running through the middle. At least it's the coolest lawn on the block!

I think I'll stick to my vacuuming and leave the mowing to K.

Really me,

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