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Monday, May 23, 2011

A great gift... or a curse?

For mother's day my darling husband got me a USB mouse from the girls, and a $100 prepaid Visa card from him. I was thrilled! As you know after a baby, clothes don't quite fit the same (in less of course you're a certain friend of mine who mentioned that she weighs less now than she did before her first baby. You know what? Shut it! LOL) Demi also needed some summer outfits so off we went to Walmart.

Demi is easy to shop for, everything looks cute on her. I could shop for hours for her... or rather, I could take 5 seconds, pick pretty much anything, and she would look great in it. Is it bad to be jealous of your daughter? Ha ha.

Me on the other hand. Shopping is hell! As a teen I spent hours out shopping with friends. I have never been the bean pole, but I think your mind set as a teenager is such that you think you look pretty darn good in anything you wear. That makes shopping easy and fun. But now. Now I see all the rolls, and fat that shouldn't be there. The bra line, the panty line, even my belly button!! Eeek

I used to wear a size 7. So I started with a size 12. I pick up the shorts, lift them up in front of my face and hold them out. "Oh ya! Size twelve will definitely fit. These are definitely big enough!" In fact, size 12 looked so big that I grabbed a size 10 too. Then K and I pick out some shirts that look baggyish in the belly so that I can't see my belly button through them, and try to pick things that I can wear a tank top under so I can still breast feed. Before the fitting room, it's the dreaded bra section.

I have been looking for a bra that fit for years now! Every time I go to Walmart, Zellers, La Senza or La Vie en Rose I try to find one that doesn't make my boobs look like butts split down the middle, and aren't so tight that they give me back boobs, 2 are enough for me! I used to be a size 34B, but I've heard so often lately that my boobs are huge, that I picked up a 36D (you see your ribs spread when you do you hips...and it takes 7 years for them to go back to 'normal'... no I'm not making this up, it's a fact!)

"This is huge" I say to K. "My boobs aren't this big." I say thrusting the cup of the bra in his face.

"Ummm, have you seen the girls lately? They're huge! Err, full of milk" He says.

Ok, so I take the size D just to amuse him. In to the change room I go... 6 items at a time *eyeroll* I try on the size 10 shorts. Ha! They hardly go up my thigh. Ok, well the 12s will surely fit. No such luck. I can get them on. I can even do them up... but then I look like an oversized muffin, like the ones you buy in stores. I ask K to get me the next size up. When I try those on, they fit ok. but I still have the muffin top, more like the ones you make at home this time. Now I'm so embarrassed that I text K to get me size 16!! When the heck did I get to be a size 16?! I'm convinced that sizes are shrinking. Surely I am not growing. The 16s fit well, no muffin top, and I can sit down without fear that the button will shoot off and blind somebody.

Next I try the bra on. Can you believe it? It fits!! The straps feel comfy, the underwire stays where it's supposed to go, I don't have any spill over. It's great!! Next up are the shirts. I had one with those big arm holes on the side. I looked like a flying squirrel! That one went back.

So in the end I did get 2 pairs of shorts, 4 shirts, and 2 bras. What's important is that I they look good on me. I don't think anybody's going to be reaching down my pants to check the number on my tag.

That being said, I'm starting Weight Watcher's PointsPlus next week. lol

Really me,
size 16


  1. Okay, just gonna throw this out there, but sizing charts and such are definitely getting smaller, and crazier, I mean come on, -00? Who the heck came up with that? Secondly, why was I, your TEENAGE sister who helped pick out that really cute maternity outfit that everybody loves on you, not invited to this shopping spree?! And thirdly, I swear I'm gonna end up with Mom's bra size, 'cause I'm only one cup size smaller than you and your girls are filled with milk! :( buuuuuuut, all this said, I bet you look awesome in your clothes:)

  2. First of all, you are so right, I pulled a pair of size 8 jeans out of my closet (pre-pregnancy) and they fit. Secondly you were grumpy. Thirdly... good luck with that! lol