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Friday, January 8, 2010

A Regular Friday Night

My husband and I rarely get a night alone, but that's just the way it is with a one year old. So tonight we've decided to have a nice dinner together after C goes down for the night. We are very lucky that we have the world's one and only one year old who actually likes to go to bed. My husband baths her at 6:30, then I take over nurse her, read a book and then go into her bedroom. We pick up Night Night Bear (she's had him since she was a baby). Then she kisses mommy goodnight, hugs Night Night Bear and practically throws herself backwards into her crib. She rolls onto her tummy with one hand over Night Night Bear, and that's the end of that.

After she goes down we'll start on dinner, nothing fancy, just some homemade pizza and bone less chicken wings (which are boneless, skin less chicken thighs cut in half and cooked on the BBQ. They satisfy the wing craving, but they're much better for the calorie count). This is my husband's favorite meal... I think if he were on death row, this is what he would request. To make dinner a little more special tonight I'm going to make some white chocolate molten cakes for dessert in a heart shape mold. I haven't been able to find a white chocolate molten cake recipe, so I'm going to attempt to modify a milk chocolate recipe (my husband only likes white chocolate). Desert is slightly off of our healthy eating regime, but it's a treat night so we will enjoy.

I'll make sure and post the recipe when I know it worked.

Really me,
The romantic

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