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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Classical Conditioning

Yes, as in Pavlov and the salivating dogs.

Yesterday after I made rice krispie squares, I must have stepped on one and it stuck to the bottom of my sock. C has a tendency to tickle feet these days. Yesterday she started to tickle my foot but noticed this piece of rice cereal stuck to the bottom of my sock. She noticed it. I noticed it. I was too lazy to sit up and pull it off. She wanted to eat it. So as she reached her little finger to touch the rice cereal I moved my foot and said "buahh!"

You all know where this is going.... tears. Now before you go calling CPS I can assure you that I didn't think I'd scare her that bad!

Anyways, it couldn't have been too terrible because she tried again. And again I moved my foot and said "buahh!" This time she retreated into daddy's open arms.

Conditional stimulus + unconditioned stimulus = conditioned response
Sock + scary noise = not fun... run away

I have one smart kid!

She must be lucky because she experienced some more classical conditional that must have become extinct in her mind. She was playing with the buttons on the TV (as she usually does). This time she hit the wrong button and sent the TV to a static channel, with the volume way up high!

We are evil parents. We laughed as she dove away from the TV getting tangled in her long abandoned play mat, eventually freeing herself and scampering away looking very guilty. This time she did not cry.

Do you think a airhorn could be used in place of a firm "no"? I think it would be more effective! lol

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