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Monday, January 18, 2010

Driving me Crazy!

Yesterday we drove to the city for our good friend's baby shower. This involved 30mins driving on the highway. I now HATE driving on the highway. We have a van and C is in the back row so I cringe any time K steps on the brakes a little harder than normal, for example, when some dumbass decides to cut in front of us because the car in the other lane isn't going fast enough for him. Or when a driver decides that he really needs to get off at the next exit, but, OH MY he's in the freaking fast lane! This is why you plan your drive people. That's pretty much the whole purpose of GPSs and Mapquest! Anyways, we're driving in the middle lane and there's a spiffy car driving slightly in front of us (don't ask me what kind it was, I'm car dumb, but it was pretty and sporty). The car starts drifting into our lane. As we pass the car (while I grip the arm rest) I look over and notice that the woman is texting! And here's the kicker, she's got a child in the back seat. Seriously now?! This is where I feel I need a whiteboard in the car so I can tell these stupid highway drivers off. Can you just imagine scribbling down. 'Hey Azshat! Put the cell phone down and watch the damn road!!!!'

Unfortunately K says I'm not allowed to have a whiteboard in the car for fear that somebody will shoot me. Oh well, it was a good thought.

Really me,
The backseat driver

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  1. LMFAO! Nik you are hilarious!

    Unfortunately you can't fix stupid. I also have wished for something to make a sign with when I pass people like that.