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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi, my name is Nik...

and I have a shoe problem.

Shocking right? A woman with a shoe problem. I'll tell you why we like shoes... and jewelery for that matter. Because they always fit!!

No matter how much weight you gain, how many double chins you have, or what the label on your jeans says. Those pretty shoes are still pretty on your pretty little feet. And that diamond necklace, or sparkly bracelet is still just as pretty.

These are my new lust.

They're Champion brand. I love Champion. I love that Payless carries Champion. Cause you know, I love to pay less.

I also have a crush on these.

I know I will most likely never wear them... but I like the way I think I would look in them. Yes, that's right. I envision myself wearing the shoes. I picture what I would do wearing the shoes, and what I would wear them with... and how people would look at me and think, "I like those shoes."

My problem has now become my daughters' problem. I see cute little mini shoes and I just have to have them. This is the pair that I saw for Demi when she was just born. I thought they were so cute that I bought a size 3m and a size 12m for her.

I know, I don't really know what I saw in them, but it was my fledgling start into the world of little shoes. My tastes have grown and matured since then... these are the ones I picked up for Jordyn.

See... much better. Now I just have to wait 9 months until they fit.

Really me,

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