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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Daughter Has 2 Dadas

It’s like a little competition between parents. Is your precious little bundle of joy going to say mama or dada first? When your partner’s not around you hold up your child’s favorite toy.

“Do you want your toy… say mama. MA MA. You can do it. mama…. ma ma…. ma……. mama”

It’s been my experience that dada wins out. It just seems to come a little easier to their budding vocabulary. Demi (as she was aptly nicknamed by my CB girls) said dada first. And trust me, I tried!

For one glorious week around 8 months old, I was mama. Everything was mama. Mama this, mama that. It was great! And then mama went into a little vault in her head. Fast forward to 16 months old, and still no mama! Only on the very rare occasion when she is over tired, grumpy, or maybe teething, possibly hurt, will I ever hear the long drawn out cry.


We look at pictures and it’s “dada”.

I get home from work and she yells “Dada!”

I go to the bathroom and she pounds on the door yelling “DADA”

Really me,
Dada #2


  1. Awwww! Poor you! She will come around, don't worry! But she is still freaking adorable.

  2. I think it's kind of cute. K was home as much as I was, so I can see how she looks at us in the same light. We were both there for everything, so to her we're the same. I think it's pretty great that her and K have such a close relationship. (Not to put down other daddies of course)

  3. Hey! Be happy! You got your two minutes yesterday where she had a Dada AND a Mama! :)