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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

30 Minute Meals II

In contrast to the first 30 min meal, this one is all about assembly. This is a quick meal I like to serve in the cooler months when you need something good and hearty. Most of the meal is assembly.

“Chicken A La King” with Rice
You’ll Need:
Brown Instant Rice
Chicken stock
TenderFlake patty shells (one per person is the proper portion size…we have been known to eat 2 each)
Campbell’s Soup (they used to have an A La King soup, but we can’t find it anymore so we use Smokey Bacon Chowder, or Chicken and Corn. What you’re looking for is a creamy soup with chicken and veggies)

Night Before
There are no steps for the night before. I just realized that the box says cook from frozen.

Dinner Time
1. Place the patty shells on a cookie sheet and cook as per box directions
2. In a small pot heat up the soup.
3. In a medium pot cook rice according to package directions using chicken stock instead of water.
4. Layer rice on the plate, patty shell on top and pour the soup over everything.

This recipe reminds me of a salmon dish my grandmother used to make on Fridays. She would make a roux, add a tin of salmon, some peas and serve it over a flaky pastry. This one will keep you nice and warm on a cool night.

Really me,
The Chef

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