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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Here are my confessions.

I am not a perfect mom. I am FAR from it.

Sometimes I freak out.

Sometimes I raise my voice.

Sometimes I sound like *gasp* my father!

Sometimes I use the television as a babysitter so I can use the bathroom or grab something to eat.

Sometimes I have to leave the baby in her crib while she's crying so I can throw on a clean pair of pants and a dry shirt.

Sometimes I use bad words within ear shot of the kids.

Sometimes I get mad and yell at Demi

Sometimes I feed us 'crap' like kraft dinner or McDonalds.

Sometimes I find myself judging other mothers for their parenting choices.

Sometimes I don't make time to play.

Sometimes I think I'll really mess the kids up beyond fixing.

Sometimes I think I'm bi-polar due to the crazy mood swings that happen due to stress, breast feeding, lack of sleep, lack of food etc.

Sometimes I think that my kids will hate me when they get older.

Sometimes I tune out when Demi is screaming... I mean singing one of her songs.

Sometimes I'm not the best mother.

I hope that most of the time will make up for some of the time and my faults will be forgiven.

Really me,

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