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Friday, December 10, 2010

The quietest place in the house

Thursday is flyer day. It is also a crazy running around day. I have to leave work at 4:30, pick Demi up at my aunt's then go pick up K from work at 5. To top it off I had to put the chicken in the oven to cook, so I quickly stopped off at home to turn the oven on, throw in the chicken, pet the dog and run out of the house before picking up Demi.

When we all finally get home, the dog finished licking us to death, and I get the sides started for dinner, I'm exhausted! Demi is at my feet asking for "Cheese? Cheese? Cheese?" and K announces he's going up to change. Great! I'm stuck here in my too tight fitting work clothes cooking dinner with a hungry child hanging off my leg.

When K came back downstairs, I announced I was going to change also.

"Upstairs!" Demi cries triumphantly behind me. Sigh

In case you didn't know, there is no privacy with a 2 year old. You sit on the computer they want to be on your lap, you go get dressed and they're pounding on the door… the other day she actually figured out how to turn the handle! Damn it! You go pee, and they want in to brush their teeth. Even showers become a family ordeal! You look at the flyers and there they are pulling apart the Future Shop flyer which puts your husband in a bad mood because of course it has to be one of the only ones he cares to look at along with Best Buy and maybe Canadian Tire. But I digress….

"No baby, you stay downstairs with Daddy while momma….. goes to the bathroom! Yes, that's right I need to go to the bathroom. Right, ok daddy?!"

I quickly riffle through the paper and pull out my favorite flyers and make a dash to the stairs. I close the bedroom door behind me (not that that does any good anymore) quickly get changed into track pants and a t-shirt. I then lock myself in the bathroom, sit on the toilet lid and pull out the flyers. I managed to get a good 10 mins of uninterrupted peace and quiet so I could look through Walmart, Zellers, ToysRUs and the like.

Now I know why my dad takes the paper into the bathroom with him!

Really me,
Bathroom reading momma

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