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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Farmville Live in 3D

I used to spend hours on line playing Farmville. In case you've been stuck in the closet for the last 2 years or so... or you're like my husband and you never jumped on the Facebook wagon, Farmville is an online game where you run your own farm. You have to plant different vegetables, pick them, plow the land and plant again. Yes, I was addicted. Much like I was addicted to Sims a few years back. I have an addictive personality apparently.

I know there are a lot of you out there *coughmysisterinlawcough* who have also fallen prey to the game along with many others. The good news is that if you are dedicated enough to check in to Farmville every 2-6-8 hours to harvest your crop, you are dedicated enough to try Farmville Live in 3D.

Last year I had a little garden 4x6 ish. It was good... this year I went for better. We extended the garden by another 4ish feet. Next year, we may just go for broke! The garden was easy to build, all you need is some old 4x4s or railroad ties, or some kind of trim. We used some old used wood my grandparents had lying around. The other important part is something to keep the dirt away from the wood, otherwise the wood will eventually rot. We bought some rubber pond liner which also helped to keep the dirt from falling through the fence on 2 sides. This is what we started with after the edition this year.

This year we planted 2 tomato plants, 2 pickling cucumber plants, 1 zucchini, 2 rows beans (green and yellow), a row of carrots, a green pepper, a butternut squash and Demi's Birdhouse gourd also went into the garden. As usual my tomato plants blew up and became monsters, my zucchini is huge and my cucumbers are out of control! And let me tell you this is so much more rewarding than Farmville cause at least you get to eat what you grow! Take a look for yourself.

Tomatoes, cucumbers and zuchini (I thought I gave them lots of room, but they're monster size!

Carrots & beans

Butternut squash back left, pepper middle, birdhouse gourd up front

Nik's Farm

For any of you who don't necessarily have the room for the garden, you can grow anything in a pot! And the dollar store has some really nice pots ;)

Really me,
The Gardener

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  1. The one thing they don't have on Farmville and you get on Farmville 3D....BUGS. Can't stand them!!!