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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Dad Named His Drill Bit Chuck

"Hand me my Chuck"

"Chuck? Who's Chuck?

"My drill bit... the Chuck."

"You named your drill bit Chuck?"

Clearly I still have a lot to learn. Like drill bits are called chucks. That's how my garden renovation part 2 started this weekend. Actually it started about 2 or 3 hours before that, but it took that long for my dad and I to figure out how we were going to build the box around the air conditioning unit. We're like 2 chiefs my dad and I. I see something in my head, and he sees something completely different. Neither is wrong or better or worse, just different and this can cause some issues. I'm slowly learning how to work with my dad, and when I need to sit back and let the years of experience take over from my fledgling enthusiasm. My great ideas may not translate into a doable project.

I think my dad has the same issue with his father. Both are very headstrong men with their own idea of how to do things. One passing the torch down to the other, and then, as it inevitably happens, your children start to learn tricks of the trade you don't know. But such is life.

This weekend I gave up my bright idea for a doable project, and still ended up with exactly what I saw in my head. A compromise you could say. A melding of two ideas that turned out in the end. I learned some new tricks as I always do working with my elders, and I improved my property in the process. My dad even sacrificed his own home projects to come over and help us. And I'll have you know that it was his birthday weekend. I guess that's where I get my giving nature. Thank you to my dad for this wonderful decorative air conditioning cover!

Before... ugly air conditioner

Forgot to add, this project cost about something like $45, and an hour or so of labor!

Really me,
Apprentice Builder


  1. What a huge improvement! Good job! Your back yard is looking fantastic!

  2. Wow. It really makes a big difference. Much more cozy!! Great job. :)

  3. What an awesome idea! We've been trying to think of a structure we could build to house our bikes that would still look pretty. I think we're going to borrow your idea!