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Monday, May 3, 2010

Descendents of Amazons

We have some very strong women in my family. My nanna, my mother, my aunt J, and myself. We can fix things, make things pretty, sniff out the deals, and put a project together. I guess you could call us tom boys, but I much perfer AMAZONS! lol I’m the one who owns the power tools and knows how to use them. On my mother’s side my nanna rules the roost. And I like the ‘strong woman’ role and think it will be great for Demi as she grows up.

All the boys on my dad’s side, and his father for that matter are involved with plumbing, carpentry, electricity, metal working, etc. There’s lots of useful knowledge flowing. My nanna was a farm girl, when life really was tough. I was never really a girly girl, so I would go with my grandfather to watch him work on busted pipes. I’d ‘assist’ whenever I could with any kind of home renovation. I learned to be intuitive, and I learned how to pass them a tool in the correct way so they didn’t have to fumble. I learned to garden, and how to fix things with nothing but a shoe string, and to make things out of nothing.

Now as an adult I do a lot of my home renovations myself. What I don’t know, I look up. I’ve wired a new circuit into the main circuit breaker, framed, drywalled and mudded a playroom for Demi, made and installed a diaper sprayer in the bathroom, and I can clean house too when I’m so inclined. But there are still things I don’t know how to do.

This weekend, for example, my dad came over to fix my outside tap. As he was soldering I thought to myself. I’m going to have to do this for Demi one day. One day K and I are going to be the ‘all knowing’ parents helping our kids with their new house. They’re going to have to know how to do things like change a tire (which I also recently learned how to do), change a light switch or outlet, how to cook, how to clean, when to plant in the spring etc. etc. etc.

That means that K and I better pay close attention to our elders so we can pass these traits down because empowering our children is vitally important in our eyes.

Some things we’d like our kids to know:
How to crochet
How to make preserves
How to cook a meal from scratch
How to change a tire
How to change a light switch / outlet
How to bargain
The value of measuring twice and cutting once
How to repair a hole in drywall

Now for some audience participation… I know there are some lurkers out there, and I’m just saying there may *wink wink* be a giveaway coming up and you have to be a follower to enter. So join now and tell me what family traits/values/life lessons do you want to pass down to your children?

Really me,
Nik of all trades


  1. I love the bargaining one, that comes in handy so often! Some more I like are:
    *How to find great stuff for cheap (sales, ebay, craigslist, etc.)
    *How to buy ripe fruits/veggies
    *How to build anything from IKEA in less than a day
    *How to handle telemarketers (lol)
    *How to get electronic equipment to stop flashing "12:00" (lol, I say that one for the benefit of my mom and grandma -- who did not know how to do that and relied on us)
    *How to navigate around a computer (although we are living in the age where kids can do that better than we can)
    *How you can accomplish way more by being nice than being nasty (which I've learned the hard way)

  2. Heee, I love this post Nik! It reminds me of a time when I had just finished painting all of the ceilings in my house myself, and I actually called my mom to thank her for being her (ie the kind of woman who does ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING handy without fear). She totally passed it down to me, and I am sooo thankful. If I am lucky enough to ever have kids, I hope to pass it on to them too.

    You are an amazing momma Nik!