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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Long Time

It has been a long....long time.  The only reason I even thought about the blog was because I wanted to make the LaRocca Caramel Crunch cake, and when I googled for the recipe, I was actually shocked to find my blog on the first page of my google search.  Awesome!  Then I got to reading some of my old posts.  Some made me smile, some made me cringe, and some made me want to start writing again if for nothing else than to document our life.  To have something for the girls to read later in life. Or to laugh at as the case will likely be... and maybe to use as embarrassment when they become teens.  No, I would never do that *wink*.

To bring everything up to speed, the girls "Demi" and "Jordyn" are growing like weeds.

They are developing an attitude all their own.

They are little people now! How the heck did that happen?

As for me, I am still crafting, maybe not as much as before.  I am still ranting, maybe more than before.  I am still learning, and growing and trying to figure out a balance. There are challenges ever day.  Dealing with their different personalities. Starting with a very quiet Demi, to a very loud in your face Jordyn, it is like changing tactics at every turn. 

So once again for the.... well, at least a few times, I'm coming back to blogging!

Still me

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  1. I'm glad to see you coming back to blogging! Very cool that your blog came up when you googled :)