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Friday, September 2, 2011

Walking Mustache

I made meatballs today. I reminded me that I wanted to tell you about the greatness of Stove Top.You want to know what the best thing since slice bread is? It's Stove Top.

I don't like eating anything that is cooked up a turkey's butt. So Stove Top it is! I never used to like stuffing... now I do!

Not only is it good as stuffing... it has many other uses.

Meatballs for example. You can use Stove Top instead of bread crumbs in meatballs... or burgers... or anything else you usually put bread crumbs in.

Topping. Yup it works great for topping on home made mac & cheese or tuna casserole.

Finally, cesar salad. Yup, I ran out of croutons the other day and used Stove Top.

Anyways, back to meatballs. I'm making meatballs, rolling them and putting the on the cookie sheet with Demi helping me. When a mustache comes out of the vent.

I watched it. My hands were all ground beef, pork, stove top goodness. I couldn't do anything. It found a hole and hid.

I watched the hole.

I told Demi to watch the hole.

Then it came out of the hole and headed for one of Jordyn's toys on the floor. I made a dash and kicked the toy out of the way. The mustache started high tailing it back to the hole.

I ran and put on some shoes so I could step on it. I missed it by thismuch.

As far as I know it's still in the hole in the quarter round. Who knows what kind of network of bugs is in there... it could be a virtual bug highway!

Now I'm all like this

Only replace spider with mustache bug.

Really me,
Mustache Hater

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